Taxi policy
A taxi may only be used if such use can be categorised as one of the following types of transport:
1. Patient transport
2. On-call duty transport
3. Overtime transport
4. Transport of Tata International colleagues
5. Guest transport
This must be ticked off in a mandatory field for any taxi request.

B/C Class vehicles or taxi vans are used for categories 1 to 4, inclusive. D/E Class vehicles or taxi vans are used for category 5.

Booking a taxi:
Please book your taxi easy and online on

In a small number of cases you will be asked to do this over the phone (+31 (0)251-491418). I.e. if you would like to book a taxi within a timeframe of two hours, of if you want to book a taxi on short notice in the weekends.

Change of pick-up point at Schiphol
Passengers arriving by plane at Schiphol must go to taxi boarding location at Schiphol. This boarding location is in front of departure hall 3, door D. The driver informs you by text message / whatsapp when he / she will arrive and will pick you up there.

Time of arrival
Taxis that are booked for immediate use must arrive at the requested location within 45 minutes.

Change and cancellation procedure
Persons who have booked a taxi and need to change anything relating to their journey (time/date) must do so by calling +31 (0) 251 491418. Tata will be charged the full price for any journeys by taxi cancelled two hours or less prior to the time of departure. It is important that taxis that have already been booked be cancelled as early as possible by calling +31 (0) 251 491418.

Complaints procedure
Complaints can be submitted on the Recommendations & Complaints Services page, which can be accessed via a button on IJmuiden Online. Facility Management sends a feedback email to the person submitting the complaint within four working days.

Please contact Marije Zonneveld, FMA Account Manager, by telephone at +31 (0)251 493 854 for more information.